Advanced Online Building Permit/Approval Management System
PermAssist is a fully hosted online software solution for building surveyors/certifiers to manage the building certification processes. There is no need to worry about hardware, software or rely on IT experts to maintain your infrastructure. All you need is internet access and a PC, Laptop or Smart Mobile Device. PermAssist is sitting in a fully secured Cloud environment waiting for your clients to lodge their applications 24/7.

VBA Code of Conduct
PermAssist has implemented complaints handling as per the Code of Conduct requirements by VBA for Victorian Building Surveyors. Complaint management process includes but is not limited to the following key features.
  • Efficient record keeping and documentation of the complaints lodged.
  • Ability to communicate promptly and effectively with the complainants through readily available acknowledgement and More Info forms and email templates.
  • Ability to setup custom complaint resolution templates and generate the complaint resolution document easily to send to complainants.
  • Customizable Workflows and Tasks setup to ensure efficient process to deal with Registered Complaints.
  • Customizable reports to assist in auditing.

VBA Cladding Rectification Levy ready for   1 Jan 2020
The Victorian Government is introducing a new building permit levy to fund rectification works by Cladding Safety Victoria. The new levy is expected to come into effect from 1 January 2020.

Compliant to VBA BAMS
PermAssist is fully compliant with the new changes to VBA BAMS (Building Activity Management System) since 1 July 2019. Fully integrated to BAMS to quickly get the building permit number, upload prescribed event report and amendment report.

Compliant to NSW BPB
Since July 1 2018, PermAssist has been reporting Certification Data to the NSW BPB (Building Professional Board).

Work Efficiently
You’ll spend less time doing administration work. Increase productivity by processing more applications. Spend more time out in the field doing inspections, discussing your client’s requirements at a café. How? It’s because all the information about your client’s application is at your finger tips. PermAssist will be working tirelessly in the background to accept new applications, inform your clients of their application progress and inspection results.

Mitigate Your Risks
Everything related to an application is recorded, step by step, an audit trail of application status changes, all documents are securely stored, record of all emails sent. Data and documents are backed up automatically in three locations.

Better Communication with Clients
Your client can login to PermAssist to lodge and track the status of their applications. Upload and retrieve documents as required. You are able to communicate with them electronically through PermAssist. PermAssist will email or SMS messages to alert your client’s critical events.

Comprehensive Search Utilities
The powerful search facility within PermAssist allows you to search for applications by applicant details, property address, job details and application status. You can quickly find the application file. All the application details and documents are at your finger tips.

Flexible Payment Model
"Pay As You Go"! You’re charged by the number of applications you process per month. Don't need to pay large sum for software license up-front. Only pay for what you use.